Are you an elder-millenial who has found herself off the traditional path?

You're not lost. You're a trailblazer in waiting.

My name is Annie Toth. I'm a happiness coach who works with 30something women who find themselves off the traditional pathway and are wondering how they got there – and where they’re supposed to go next.


As a kid, you were promised that if you ticked all the boxes- grades, school clubs, sports, college – your happy ending would be waiting for you. But while your peers all seem to have stayed on the traditional path of marriage and family, you seem to have been left behind, looking for the happy ending you were promised. You feel stuck in your life, so you keep setting ambitious goals trying to create momentum, and then feel overwhelmed by the commitments you’ve made while questioning why you made them in the first place.

Sound familiar? I can help.

My strengths are in relationship building and strategy. That means I have the ability to see each person for their unique skills and drivers, which helps me to guide my clients towards recognizing those strengths in themselves and utilizing them to change their circumstance. My strategic lens helps you put all the pieces together into an actionable plan. I love to blend humor, play, and a dose of tough-love to spur change in my clients.


  • Feel stuck in your day to day life
  • Frequently set goals and abandon them
  • Feel overwhelmed to the point where you are paralyzed to take action
  • Find yourself off the traditional "marriage/kids" path
  • Are stuck in a shame spiral of not achieving
  • Feel like a passenger in life
  • Get excited about the prospect of achieving but don't follow through


My process breaks down into three steps:

Identity - Adversity - Action

1:1 Coaching means you get my full attention throughout the engagement. We will work directly on your story, your life, and I will walk you through each step applying lessons to your particular situation.

A three month engagement includes:

  • Onboarding gift with all the things you’ll need
  • 12 45-minute 1:1 Video Calls
  • Assessments to help you understand yourself
  • Weekly lessons and application exercises
  • Personal action plan


Because each coaching engagement is a unique to the client, every client has different takeaways from working with me. Here are some of the things you might learn:

  • Why goal setting can be a trap that keeps you feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything
  • Why living with intention is more powerful than goal setting
  • Why your value foundation is key to taking brave action and building a life you love
  • How to identify the top values that form your foundation
  • How to overcome adversity with resilience
  • How to combat negativity and doubt
  • How to employ the power of dreaming
  • How to harness and fortify your inner resilience
  • How to deal with external forces pushing you from the life you want
  • How to take action on big decisions
  • How to create meaningful momentum
  • Your desired direction and vision for your life
  • Strategies and tactics to create the life you want to live


You won't benefit from coaching if you:

  • Are not prepared to take agency in your life
  • Are content living in the status quo
  • Are still chasing the idea of self you had back in high school
  • Are not coachable
  • Don’t take the first step to apply



Extraordinary people are ordinary people making extraordinary decisions.

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